guidelines for parents

Italian Cultural Center Marco Polo

Being parents of bilingual children is an adventure. Let’s do it together!

Parents may be involved with the Scuola Marco Polo as part of a community interested in the Italian language and bilingualism.

Please find below several policies that must be respected, in order to make sure that classes go smoothly and without interferences.

Classroom management

  1. Parent should exit the room for the entire time of class but stay close by, just in case their kids need them (local coffee shops are in the nearby).
  2. parents of kids of age of 3 or younger may stay in class during the first month of school in order to help their children to be comfortable with the environment.
  3. let the children learn, let them be independent in their learning experience
  4. not interfere with lessons and teacher’s work
  5. not suggest answers to their children
  6. not speak any other language beside Italian to their children

Parents collaboration and involvement

  1. Parents should spend an hour a day talking in Italian with their children everyday and at least during homework time. A good way to do this may be to dedicate dinner time to Italian or read an Italian book together. Parents can also label their house with Italian words to help their children in their learning.
  2. Your time is precious for us! Parents are welcomed to participate in fundraising activities, as well as organize event for our community. Ways to volunteer depend on time availability and personal abilities. Our parents are encouraged to share resources for bilingualism and organize extra-school activities (playdates, trips, etc).


  1. Please text 267-322-8589 (Agnese) or 267-221-7605 (Marco) if your child cannot attend a scheduled class. This is useful for teachers and their time management.


  1. Homework will be assigned by teachers, using online PDF textbooks and our lesson plan tools. This material will be provided  and teachers will ask to print out specific chapter(s) one week ahead, before using it in class and assigning homework.

Material needed for class

  1. Textbooks are available for purchase $25. Vocabulary may be used in class and assigned for homework. Please get your copy by asking Agnese or Marco.
  2. Pens and pencils

Your feedback is important to us! Please contact us with any questions and concerns.