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Crescere, Imparare, Esplorare

Grow with the Italian culture, Learn the Italian language, Explore Italy.

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Our classes are divided in:

  • Classes for bilingual kids
  • Classes for not bilingual kids

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We have multiple events to engage the children so they can learn and have fun at the same time.

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Scuola Marco Polo is a non-profit school for children established in 2000 created in response to the need of Italian citizens and residents in the Tri-State area (PA, NJ, and DE)  to pass on the Italian culture and language to their families and kids. Our goal is to educate families and students on the importance of Italian language, traditions, music, and culture to create a strong community to celebrate Italian and American holidays with family through Scuola Marco Polo.


La Scuola Marco Polo è una organizzazione no profit fondata nel 2000 che nasce dal desiderio dei cittadini italiani residenti nella zona di New Jersey, Pennsylvania e Delaware, di tramandare la cultura e la lingua italiana alle proprie famiglie e figli. Il nostro obiettivo è di continuare tutto ciò tramite l’insegnamento ai bambini delle basi grammaticali, della storia e delle tradizioni italiane, e di creare una comunità all’interno della quale essi, insieme alle proprie famiglie, possano celebrare le festività italiane organizzate dalla Scuola Marco Polo.

About Us


Celebrare la cultura e le tradizioni italiane, unendo comunità e famiglia tramite l’insegnamento della lingua e delle arti ai bambini della scuola materna, elementare, media, e superiore.


Embrace the Italian culture and traditions creating strong community among families through teaching Italian language and arts to children from Pre-K to 12th grade.

Classes for bilingual kids

  • Piccoli passi (Little steps) Age 3-4
  • A, B, Ciao Age 4-6
  • Ricominciamo dall’inizio! (Let’s start from the beginning) Age 7-11
  • Voglio parlare Italiano (I want to speak Italian) Age 11-15

Classes for not bilingual kids

  • Parliamo Italiano (Let’s speak Italian) Age 4-6
  • Leggi, scrivi, crea (Read, write, create) Age 7-10
  • Avanti Tutta! (Full speed ahead!) Age 11-15


The virtual classroom is a free learning space for kids and parents.

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(267) 221-7605

“All human beings are your neighbors. Where human nature is shared, differences are always accidental.” 

St. Augustine

october 5, 2024

First Day of School

may 17, 2025

Final Party

June 15, 2024

Early Registration 2024-2025



What Parents are Saying

“My two kids had a great experience at Scuola Marco Polo. They had a chance to interact with other bilingual kids and experience the Italian culture by playing and leaning. These past 5 years have been very important for the growht of Luca and Maggie. This experience, certainly opens the student’s horizon to new understandings and possibilities. I’m very greatful they had this opportunity.”

Eligio Sgaramella

Parent of former students

“My daughter has attended Scuola Marco Polo for the past two years and loves learning Italian. She’s excited all week to go to Italian class on Saturdays, where she learns from caring, creative teachers who make learning fun. This program has enriched my daughter’s life and also allowed me to network with a fantastic group of parents. Thank you Marco and Agnese for providing this wonderful opportunity.”

Eileen Erwin

Parent of current student


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